Cosmic Remedies are a new incarnation of Narayani Remedies, also known as Narayani Mixtures. These homeopathic remedies, formulated with the concepts of light and frequencies, are futuristic in their simplicity and effectiveness.

The original Narayani Remedies were created by Swami Narayani and Swami Ananda in the late 1960’s to simplify their exponentially growing demand to treat several hundreds of patients per day, while serving the needy in India and South Africa. The two divinely guided doctors created a wonderful set of combinations using homeopathic single remedies, sarcodes and nosodes to treat many conditions. Cosmic Remedies further extended the combinations to include colors, mantras, gems and other natural substances. These remedies are now being used all over the world with a high degree of success.

Cosmic Remedies
Celebrated as Narayani Mixtures for more than 50 years in over 80 countries. Helping people all over the world to achieve health and wellness! Quantum Frequency Healing!
I am a pipeline of the expression of the Cosmic Consciousness. I let go and let God. I give thanks for the divine healing and order in my life.
Swami Narayani

Hari Om. Mataji said that the remedies came from the Cosmic Divine, and you have given them a good name. Cosmicremedies.com is perfect. Just close your eyes and ask and she will show you the correct line you are looking for from within. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God’s blessings be upon you always!
Swami Ananda

Homeopathy is an art, and just as a color comes to life in a unique way in the hands of an artist, every remedy comes to life in the hands of a competent homeopathic physician. Having been blessed by their guru and by Divine grace, Swami Narayani and Swami Ananda conducted relentless research with these remedy combinations, more than 300 in number, for various ailments, over the course of many years. Originally, these combinations were tried and tested in India, Mauritius and South Africa. Today, the remedies are being used in over 80 countries, by qualified doctors and experienced healers. These powerful remedies support profound healing in all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.